What to expect

If you’ve never had a full eye examination before, then you’re probably wondering what to expect.  


Here are the questions we get asked most often:

How long does it take?

  • About 45 minutes.

Will it hurt?

  • No.

Do I need a referral letter from my doctor to make an appointment to see you?

  • No.  But if you have been given a letter from your doctor, health nurse, school Vision and Hearing Technician, Civil Aviation Medical Examiner or anyone else, please bring it with you.

Should I bring anything else?

  • Yes, a few things:
    • Whatever glasses or contact lenses you use, even old ones or Warehouse magnifying glasses.
    • A list of all medications prescribed by your doctor.
    • A list of all over the counter medications you buy at the pharmacy
    • A list of all health supplements you take.
    • A list of any drug allergies you have.
    • If you have any old medical reports or examination records to do with your eyes, bring them too (we’ll take copies and give them back to you.)

Should I bring anyone with me?

  • Yes if you can…for three reasons:
    • You’ll probably have some drops put in during the examination. This may make you a bit blurry for a couple of hours afterwards so it pays to have someone avaliable to drive you home or back to work.
    • If you need to choose a frame for a pair of glasses, it’s great to get a second opinion. Married men especially: You’re crazy if you choose a pair of glasses without your wife seeing them first!
    • Lastly, it’s good to have someone with you to ask questions and help remember any information.

I use a computer – is that a problem?

  • Maybe.  If you are having trouble seeing a computer screen, please get someone to measure the distance from your nose to the centre of the screen before you come in.  Write it down and bring it with you.

What if I can’t make it?

  • Phone us to reschedule!  We won’t growl at you and we’re very happy to alter appointment times even at short notice. Please note though, if you fail to arrive on time for your appointment without letting us know in advance, we will charge you for that broken appointment even if later you phone to reschedule another one.  We’re strict about this.

What actually happens while I’m having my eyes examined?

  • We take a history – that means we ask you a whole lot of questions about your eyes and general health.
  • We measure your vision, and figure out whether corrective lenses of some kind are needed.
  • We use a microscope (and a few other pieces of very high-tech equipment) to look inside your eyes, check them for glaucoma and other things.
  • Then we talk through the results.

Simple.  So what’s your next step?  Contact us to arrange an appointment.