For GPs

As we all know, there is a significant backlog of cases needing to be seen at the public hospital.

Despite the best efforts of all concerned it is sometimes impossible to organise timely ophthalmic care for patients who you think might have some pressing need, but who can not be classed as acute.

I am quite happy to see those patients whom you are worried about, or who you’d like some specialised diagnostic test performed quickly before putting them into the public system. ┬áThe most common referrals are for

  • IOP’s
  • Computerised field testing
  • Unilateral red eye
  • Cataract evaluation
  • Sudden drops in acuity
  • Suspected posterior vitreal detachment / retinal detachment
  • Atypical migraines
  • Drivers licence fails
  • Diabetic fundus screening
  • Whatever

Generally these people can be seen on the day, or at most the next day. I’ll evaluate them and either refer them to Villa 3 acutely if indicated or do whatever else is necessary, and report back to you.

Please just print off a quick note letting me know what you want done and I’ll do the rest.